Who we are

From humble beginnings in 1994, in the Contai City and its adjoin areas District of Purba Medinipur, KASTURI AQUA LIFE PRODUCTS PVT LTD has grown to be industry leaders in the shrimp farming and export sector. Under the able leadership of its Chairman, Mr. Chintamoni Mondal. the Group has been credited as the pioneers of Black Tiger & L.Vannamei cultivation in India. He has over 20 years experience in the aquaculture, Now the group is engaged in business of shrimp seed, shrimp feed, shrimp medicine in aquaculture since inception the name of KASTURI AQUA LIFE PRODUCTS PVT LTD and also the biggest dealer of CP Group in West Bengal region, India. Having largest network of farmer in West Bengal. It has its own and leased shrimp, fish culture farms in 100 ha of land, which are grown for direct export. The company is successfully providing direct and indirect quality employment to thousands of families.In 2007 he established a new export house as PASUPATI AQUATICS PVT. LTD. Mr.Subhajit Mondal, son of Mr. Chintamoni Mondal joined the company,The company has been formed on the principle of honesty and integrity.

Pasupati Group of Company is having own firm, capacity of 2000 MT. PASUPATI Group is vertically integrated and can boast of total traceability with its farm to fork program. Now we have merged with Razban Seafood Pvt. Ltd., 770 Kalikapore, Kolkata-700099, West Bengal, EU Approval No.428. This is an EU factory with modern facilities like latest IQF, Plate Freezer, Blast freezer, Metal Detector, filth machine. Our endeavor is to be close to our customers, understand and serve them better. We believe in a long term business relationship and try our best to ensure that good quality product with required sizes is shipped at the correct price within the agreed delivery time.

We have separated dedicated, well qualified & highly skilled team of this profession from procurement to shipment

Management Team:
Mr. Chintamoni Mondal
MD of Kasturi Aqua Life Products Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Subhajit Mondal
Director of this company, MBA, With 10 years’ experience in this trade.

Mr. Saikat Mondal
MBBS, with 2 years experience in this trade.

Export: Mr. T.K.Das & his professional Team of 15 staff
Mr. T. K. Das
Marketing Executive-Export Division
Professional in Industrial Fish & Fisheries, MBA in Export & Import management.
Experience 15 years in this trade.

Quality & Technical Team: Mr. P.K.Mohanty & his skilled Team of 50 staff.
Mr. P. K.Mohanty
Production Manager
Bachelor in Science
Experience 15 years in this trade.

Quality policy:

We believe in 'Quality Through Control', which is the underlying principle behind our processes. We strive to achieve consistency in delivering superior quality products by implementing a system of control at all points of the manufacturing process.


Our Vision
To maintain our leadership in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of the best quality seafood with setup of processing plant in advanced technology within two years.

Our Mission
To be the most reliable and competitive seafood manufacturer, produce the best quality frozen seafood globally and establish long lasting relationships.




At Pasupati, we believe it is our responsibility to deliver a fresh product. We strive to uphold this commitment made to our customers by taking an honest approach without any short cuts. Our reputation is only matched by the standard by which we maintain the quality and cleanliness of our facilities.

At Pasupati, we have a Pro-Change attitude which we have carried forward since our inception. We constantly make efforts to update these methods with the times. This attitude is central when taking and dissecting the feedback we get from our clients in a constructive manner.

UNITY, could never be conceived if it were not for the team that is us! A shared vision and employee freedom has helped us reach where we are today. We believe that every idea irrespective of its source should be accepted and nurtured.


All our aquatic products are processed under Quality Authentication System of HACCP and are well exported to EU and Non EU Countries like JAPAN, VIETNAM, CHINA, KOREA, EGYPT, SOUTH AFRICA, HONG KONG, MIDDLE EAST, BELGIUM, GERMANY, SWEDEN, GREECE, USA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, THILAND and so on.


Certifications: Aquaculture farm / Processing factory certified of GMP, SSOP, HACCP, HACCP COMPLIANCE, EIA, MPEDA and USFDA Also under process in BAP & BRC.


Quality policy

We believe in 'Quality Through Control', which is the underlying principle behind our processes. We strive to achieve consistency in delivering superior quality products by implementing a system of control at all points of the manufacturing process.


Pasupati Group’s shrimp farms are located along the east coast of India, in West Bengal, Purba Medinipur district, place of Mandarmoni & Rasulpur. Spread across 36 hectares, the farms nurture high quality seed from CP and Oceanaa hatcheries(SPF & BAP Certified). High protein nutritious feed from CP Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd. (BAP Certified), NO ATIBIOTICS, Bio security measures, water purity and adherence to BAP guidelines ensure the most sought after shrimp. Primary motive to carry out sustainable shrimp farming with eco-friendly approach. Maintain total Tracibility from farm to fork.


  • Total water spread area under shrimp culture= 36 hectares.
  • Total Production (out put) :
  • Shrimp seed stocking density/square metre=60 Pices : 27 million seed @ 80% survival rate for average shrimp
  • Marketable size-540 MT per crop x 2 crop=1080 MT/Year



Pasupati Group’s maintain following criteria during the shrimp farming


  • Community & employee relations
  • Water safety & quality control
  • Biodiversity & wild life protection also Mangrove & wet land conservations
  • Effluent management & Storage disposal of farm supplies & wastes
  • Soil & water conservation,sediment control
  • Fish meal & fish oil conservations
  • Stocking sources & GMO’s
  • Drug & chemical management
  • Microbial sanitation,higine,harvest & transport
  • Diseases control
  • Environment & food safety

Pasupati Groups is proud to providing training and general awareness programmes to disseminate the most modern farming techniques including

  • Pond Preparation for sustainable aquaculture yields
  • Water Management replicates the ideal conditions of a natural habitat
  • Effective Feeding Management like feeding time, tray feeding etc..take pride in offering support services to farmers to help them minimize feed losses by ensuring regular distribution throught the ecosystem
  • Seed Stocking by selection of post larvae stage (PL)
  • Probiotics best uses
  • Contract Farming for support the local community as well as increase productivity by supplied of seed & feed.The harvest is bought back by the Group,providing the farmer a risk free,profitable means of livehood.
  • Latest scientific methods of Harvesting
  • Latest scientific methods of harvesting and employing skilled workers ensure the best catch without injury to the shrimp.Qualified technicians supervises the harvest day after day.
  • Target season- we are on the mercy of foreign buyers.
  • Demand and supply theory-awareness of the farmers about international market trend.
  • Target size & count
  • Judicious post harvest handling at farm level-Food safety
  • Bonding between farmers and processors is the key to long term success



Farm at Rasulpur




Farm at Mandermoni